Multiplication Table in a week

Learn Multiplication Table in a week.
Short description for a busy person:
Any child is nearly guaranteed to learn multiplication table in a week using this program 1 to 2 hours a day. Parents can control the progress during the process.

Detailed description:
It’s not a secret that many pupils will not learn the multiplication table in the allotted time or at least will not learn it good enough. It’s not a secret either that many pupils will forget most of what they studied after, for example, summer vacations or just long time without a practice. Our program removes these disadvantages at least for the multiplication table.

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Learning Shapes

Learning Shapes – a funny game to teach your children geometry basics.

We start to teach little children very basic math concepts using this game. They will learn the concept of simple geometric shapes and work on ability to determine their qualitative features. Children also will learn how to group shapes and items depending on some general property. It is a very important step before children can advance from qualitative observation to quantitative one. This game will allow your kid to distinguish various shapes confidently. The child will learn what is circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle and finally will confidently name these shapes regardless of their color.
The whole process is decorated by various game features which help to keep children’s attention and allow them to learn basic concepts faster and better.

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Sequences of Numbers

Knowing numbers is only a start of math learning. Your kid should understand the numbers nature before starting some serious operations. The very basics of numbers nature are their relative values and understanding “lesser-greater” relations between different numbers. Our new game will help your child to get this understanding easily and smoothly. The game process is very simple (to us :) ) – player is required to order randomized numbers queue in either forward or reverse direction. Once everything is done the player sees a funny animation and gets a prize picture, just like in our first game. There are two versions, lite and regular. Lite one has fewer prizes and offers just an easy difficulty allowing to play with numbers 1-10 only. Regular one has much more prizes and allows to add two more difficulties: 11-20 and 11-100.
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Learning Numbers

The “Learning Numbers” game is an utmost basic math educational game that will allow your children to learn numbers fast and efficiently. They will see the digit and hear it’s name in the same time. It will create basic connections in their mind between the look and meaning of various numbers. When they learn numbers and show steady progress in this matter they will be able to start calculating basics games. The game itself is based on memory flashcards games but adds up speaking a number that is matched correctly. There are also few funny things to keep children interested playing the game again and again. There are various cards backgrounds so kids will be interested to see what will show next time. But the most interesting reward for them is a prize that is shown upon game completion. There are several prizes in the basic (lite) version but there are really many of them in an extended (donationware) game. This game is our first product and it will develop as well and new ones will be created. We appreciate your feedback and comments as it will help us a lot to improve this game and probably even get ideas for new ones.

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